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Luna Collection Necklaces - These hammered pendants call to mind the cratered surface of the mysterious moon. With their simple, delicate aesthetic they make a great everyday necklace to compliment any look, no matter which phase the moon might be in.

Hanging Eclipse Necklace   Suspended Eclipse Necklace   Embrace Necklace  

TINY Luna necklace

(The sterling silver pendant is 3/8" diameter, and is the shortest necklace shown here on a 16" chain)


Choose chain length:

SMALL Luna necklace

(The pendant is sterling silver, 1/2" in diameter, and is the middle length of the three shown here on a 17" chain)


Choose chain length:

MEDIUM Luna necklace

(Pendant is 5/8" diameter, sterling silver and is the longest one shown here on an 18" chain)


Choose chain length:


Double Eclipse Lariat Necklace   Double embrace lariat necklace    

Luna Waterfall necklace


This 18" necklace combines one of each size of sterling silver Luna discs (3/8", 1/2" & 5/8") stacked to combine one pendant with a waterfall effect.


Luna Trail necklace


This 18" necklace features one of each size of sterling silver Luna pendant (3/8", 1/2" & 5/8") in a trail along the necklace from smallest to largest.