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A photo of Amy, a white woman, looking off to the side of the camera. She is wearing a white t-shirt, a light colored cardigan and a necklace from the Arch Collection.
Amy Wing Designs is about a passion to create jewelry that is meaningful, elegant and beautiful. Amy has always loved jewelry and she often found herself searching for jewelry that reflected her style and personality. She could find creative, expensive jewelry or inexpensive, mass produced pieces but never something that had a creative edge with an enduring beauty at an affordable price point. As a designer Amy makes pieces that are fashionable without being trendy in order to capture a unique and timeless quality. In this way she hopes for each piece to be classic enough to last many years, yet unusual enough to continually catch the eye. In her work Amy tries to provide for others what she had such trouble finding for herself.

The collections by Amy Wing are designed and created in sterling silver and gold, precious and semi-precious stones.  She uses these materials to re-imagine what she first sees around her or dreams up. A single leaf falling from a tree in autumn turns into leaves wrought from silver. A branch of cherry blossoms in full bloom becomes a single blossom flowering in metal. To create the pieces she designs Amy uses techniques that allow her to form metal, frequently hammering and forging silver and gold into shapes that she can then either highlight on their own, or combine with natural gemstones. To finish her pieces Amy often uses a fine sandpaper or steel wool finish, giving the jewelry luster without high shine. She is drawn to metal that seems to glow and has a warm feel on the skin.

Amy currently lives in Portland, OR with her husband and child and is constantly inspired by the people and nature around her. Her time at Oregon College of Art and Craft has informed her techniques and Amy’s travels around the world have informed her artistic point of view.